Gameday — All Star Game

6:00 — Versus
All Star Game is on.
It will be cool to watch A.O. and Malkin and the rest of the Russians play together at some point.
Can we do something to make him the face of the NHL? Is there a form we can sign?
If you talk about him not being the face of the NHL, aren't you giving him the same amount of attention?
What exactly is the face of the NHL?
The beginning of the game is going to be delayed 30 minutes so everyone can have a circle jerk at center ice on Rocket Richard's Statue to celebrate Montreal.
We would recommend the following instead of watching the game.
Go see The Wrestler.
We got a chance to see it last night.
If you never watched wrestling in your life, then you're a joke and don't even bother.
But for us, the movie was cash money.
It is nothing spectular, but there are a few lines and scenes that will stay with you.
Especially the jobbing line of Kurt Cobain that is delivered perfectly and without remorse.
Solid Steeler fight song sung by some barely teens.
We have to admit, we don't read a lot of blogs.
But [PuckHuffers] reminds us of us, except for the fact we don't have ovaries.
Their [post] about the player's styles was good shit.
Luongo looks like a goddamned Tenenbaum. We hope he's ready.
Solid stuff.
Eric P. sends along a tube of Bob Errey living the code back in 96 playing for the Wings.
Stole this from J.S. in Cblog.
Go Pens