Gameday 32 – Senators

Pittsburgh Penguins (17-10-4) @ Ottawa Senators (14-14-4)

7:30 pm/et


Scotiabank Place – Ottawa, ON

According to the Penguins' website, "Brent Johnson will be starting in net tonight and the rest of the lineup will be a game-time decision." The entire rest of the lineup will be a game-time decision…. This is where we are right now. This is real life.

Eric Tangradi and Alex Picard have been called up and Zybnek Michalek might play, but no one seems to know what's going on. Or at least no one is saying anything.

Season Series: 1-0-0.

Last meeting that counted: November 25, 2011. Penguins won 6-3.

What we said in our recap:

Early in the third period, with the Pens suckling on the nipples of a 5-2 lead, Nick Foligno put on an apron and got in MAF's kitchen. He ended up falling over him. Brooks Orpik was in the vicinity and took it for what it was: incidental. Foligno and MAF were regaining themselves, and then Crosby came into the picture. Defending his goalie, Crosby started stabbing Foligno. Foligno pushed back. Next thing you know, Crosby was landing a devastating elbow into Foligno's mouth.

We totally forgot about that Crosby/Foligno storyline. Not like it matters now. It didn't matter then either.

Know Your Enemy: The 6th Sens.

What they're saying:

Now that SBP's antiquated scoreboard is on the way out of town, fans will have to look elsewhere for something to criticize. For anyone who's been following the new scoreboard timeline, this is the first real news that we'll be able to get since AJP released a public statement in July.

"The Ottawa Senators have become the first NHL team to engage AJP’s services as they move forward with multiple technology upgrades in ScotiaBank Place for the 2011 season. AJP will be designing LED displays for the arena bowl including a new center hung video display, as well as audio and distributed television systems"

Oddly enough, this statement was promptly the Anthony James Partners website and the Senators organization never responded publicly. Since that release was published and its conceptual photos were removed.

Apparently this scoreboard is a big deal. Maybe they can use it to show videos of when the Senators were actually a competitive team.

Pittsburgh Penguins Notes:

Michalek might be back from his concussion.

Something about another injury.

We have no idea what the Pens lines are going to look like so we're not even going to try. Seth at Empty Netters made at attempt at the Pens and Sens line combinations.

Ottawa Senators Notes:

Michalek is out with a concussion.

Sergei Gonchar is out with an injury. There are some "Gonchar to the Flyers" rumors floating around that make us vomit even if they're just random speculation.

Alex Auld will be in Ottawa's net.


Favorite Senators Image, Photoshop, Gif or Video:

We still really like this video. It's either we post this or that awful "300" one from the playoffs.

Do It.

Go Pens.