Does Ticket Reveal Last Possible Date Of Stanley Cup Final Game 7 And Save My Ass?

Got this email from Shane R.:


What's up staff and Pens fans. Just wanted to share something quick while I wait for my plane to board from Las Vegas. I made one last bet before headed to the airport. I made a similar bet around this time in 2009. We all knew what happened with that. The drive for title number 4 continues tomorrow. Our lives will slowly become more stressful from now until June. But it'll all be worth it once Bettman hands Bing that silver thing. From Vegas to the Burgh to wherever you watch Penguins hockey, go Pens and let's get this degenerate gambler of a Pens fan some more gambling $$$
Now we don't do many first person posts, but I figured it would be easier this way.
In November 2009 I got engaged. My fiancée let me pick the date of the wedding. Without a moment of hesitation I said June 11, 2011. "Are you sure?" She said.
"Book it."
It wasn't until I spoke to Adam later that day did I realize my mistake in the date. In the unreal chance of the Pens making the Stanley Cup finals and playing a seventh game. The game would no question be played around June 11.
Of course by then we told just about everyone we knew the date was June 11, 2011. And yea I tried to approach changing the date only to be shot down like a plane over restricted air space.
I might be wrong, but according to the ticket above, the date of 6/10/11 would be the last possible date of the ticket being valid. Why else would it be there? I COULD BE WRONG. So suck it if I'm wrong.
Now of course the other part of this equation is the Pens making some type of run the Stanley Cup. Who even knows about that.
Go Pens