Here are some of the many instances during the recent Pens-Leafs game where FSN game producers pretend they are Jerry Bruckheimer.
— This AGH cam is great.
But because it's slo-mo, it takes two hours for the replay to show.
Consequently, we are missing a bunch of face-offs.
If you don't care that the Pens are about to take an offensive-zone face-off, we don't want to talk to you.
Hell, defensive-zone face-offs are just as important.
Shit, every face-off is important.   Don't miss them.
— Dan Potash Suite 66 preview.
This isn't Potash's fault.  He is a beast.
But it's a poor job by the production team.  Show the face-off.
— Are we seriously showing the fans while the game clock in the top-left corner is moving?
Malkin's penalty shot.
It was FSN's first chance to have a boner over the scoreboard cam.
And they couldn't have known Malkin would take the puck to South Korea on his way to the net.
So this is a wash.  Hopefully it's a lesson learned.
— And finally the Crosby play.
This one pisses us off more than anything in these recent FSN mistake YouTubes.
Crosby is leading a 2-on-1 with Adams.
And for some ridiculous, borderline-retarded reason, FSN cuts to a low-level camera angle on Crosby by himself.
FSN, we want to see what Crosby sees.  We want to see Adams waiting for a pass.
We want to think with Crosby as he debates whether to try threading a pass through.
If he passes that puck to Adams, all is lost.
Wait until after the play to show all your sexy angles.
But then you'll miss the next face-off.  So you'll lose either way.
But you're not in this for yourselves.  You're in it for the fans.