Free Agent survival kit


For those stuck at work, or generally clueless to the craziness of Free Agency.
1. Live Streams.
If you are stuck at work, or maybe don't have a tv or get the the NHL network home here who is streaming starting at Noon.
2. Radio feeds
Tons of good options here.
Puck Daddy is going from 12-3
So is TSN. Rumor has it there is a TSN app for smartphones.
3. Chats, twitter.
Puck daddy has a nice chat going. Basically importing important feeds from the around the hockey world on twitter.
Some general rules of thumb:
Capgeek is your best option for all updated salary cap and roster shit.
-Don't get pumped until the report is verified by team official twitter feeds,, or a beat reporter.
-Don't call any NHL agents. Ever. :(
-Be careful of fake twitter accounts.
– Don't believe Eklund. (e4)