Franco Harris Is The Latest Victim Of the “Curse of Isle Of Capri”

Franco Harris's life is falling apart. Harris, who capitalized on the fact he was good at football, has been fired from everything he does because he refuses to shut up about Joe Paterno. [ Abc news ]

So far, based on his views of sticking up for someone that protected a child molester, Harris has been fired from jobs at the Meadows Casino and stepped down from the board of Pittsburgh Promise because Luke RighteousStahl said so.

We'd feel bad for Franco Harris, but he may have had this coming. Little trip down memory lane after readmore


Dateline 2006. Pittsburgh was ablaze because of the Casino bidding wars. It was a even darker time to be a Pens fan. 

The Penguins had hitched their arena wagon to the Isle of Capri plan. But several other plans stood in their way. Most notably groups led by business man Don Barden and supported by Jerome Bettis, and a group lead by Harrah's casino, whose spokesmen was Franco Harris.

From an interesting Bob Smizik column:

Harris, who rejected an overture from Isle of Capri before joining Forest City, disagreed. In his press release, he said, "I was happy to join the Forest City Harrah's team because they are the best and will be the best for Pittsburgh."


Many Pens fans, us included, despised Harris for this. ( Still can't believe he was at the Winter Classic actually )

But it seems that all the major players in the Casino War of 06' have fallen under curses:

Don Barden, who won the license, went bankrupt, and then died.

Jerome Bettis had a failed attempt in broadcasting, and his Dad, who was a Barden supporter, died in 2006 . 

Too lazy to look this up but a few members of the PA gaming board either got fired or stepped down as well.

And now Franco Harris lost his mind.

The curse of the "Isle of Capri, " lives on.