Flyers’ offer sheet for Shea Weber is Dr. Evil money

The Flyers are just doin' what the Flyers do.  They have submitted an offer sheet for Shea Weber's services:  14 years, $100 million-ish.  Nashville will have 7 days to match it.  If they don't, the Preds get a bunch of draft picks, depending on the cap hit or something.  Not entirely sure.

As Pens fans, should we hate this news?  Absolutely.   We didn't want Shea Weber in the Eastern Conference, let alone in Philadelphia.  This past season's playoff series against the Flyers will always have us suspending any kind of analysis anymore.  It's really shaken us to our core.  It made no sense.  So we're not going to try and figure out what Weber's presence on the Flyers will do to the Penguins.  But it's not good.

EDIT: Broad Street Hockey on the cap hit/compensation issue

Depending on the exact figures, the cap hit might be under $6,728,781 (which typically means a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round pick) or between $6,728,781 and $8,410,976 (which typically means two 1sts, a 2nd, and a 3rd). However, this is misleading; the compensation for long deals is not based on cap hit, but on one-fifth of the total value of the contract. For a package of over $100 million, that means it would be treated as a $20 million/year offer, which is obviously in the top group and would cost the Flyers their first round pick in each of the next four years. Hopefully everyone involved realized this.