Flyers and Bieber, Damien Cox is a dick
We saw this on Puck Daddy.
We don't know the story behind it.  We don't know who originally posted the picture.
And we don't care.

Damien Cox is a dick.
Take a good look at everything he tweets, and it's easy to see how he comes off as a huge asshole.
Which is why we like him.  Because if we were sports journalists, we'd be dicks all day on Twitter, too.

We don't really care enough to dig into this whole Colin Campbell e-mail thing.
But it's looking like sports journalists are pissed that they may have got scooped on this story?
And it wasn't even a scoop.  The blogger just did some research.

Maybe we have this summary of events completely wrong.
Anybody who knows what's going on with this, leave something in the comments.

Go Pens