Five Ways to fix ROOT Sports and a Poll

Think about it.

Is there another fanbase in the NHL that complains about its flagship TV station more than Penguins fans do?  The problems have festered for so long and ROOT Sports is so bad that it is actually affecting our ability to watch a game. And guess what? It will never change. There is no competition so there is no reason for it to change. Why would it? Paul Steigerwald could expose himself on the air and people would still be forced to watch.

But that doesn’t matter. We’re going to continue to complain about it. Maybe we should form an unholy alliance with Occupy Pittsburgh and make them Occupy the window in front of the Root studios.


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After "read more", we present five ways to fix Root Sports and a poll. Polls are stupid, but we we’re hoping everyone will vote anyway because ROOT Sports needs to see that they have failed the public.

1. Show the fucking game

Seriously. How many times have people complained? Missing any game action is just unacceptable. Stop with absurd cut shots, especially at the CEC.  Show one view during the game and show a few replays when needed. The replays are where you use the close-up views, not during the live game. There is no need to dress up hockey. This video is from FSN but the mistakes are the same and they keep happening:

2. It's time to replace Paul Steigerwald.

Paul Steigerwald sat next to Mike Lange for years. The fact that he was unable to gain any knowledge from him is incredible. Steigerwald seems like a nice guy and all, so we feel a little bad saying this, but that isn’t good enough anymore. He treats the ROOT Sports broadcast like it is a PR podium for the Penguins. Everything the Pens do is amazing. Always. Maybe he's told to do this; we don't know. All we know is that it’s embarrassing.

3. Do something different with game production

Why not try to get creative? Make a cool intro montage or some cool highlight montages. Jesus, look on YouTube. People create sick videos all the time. Other TV stations do it on a regular basis. You’re telling us that the ROOT production team can’t come up with something different? Look at this old intro:

Even though it sucked. Man… we love it.

Some examples of what is possible: For the Philly game, maybe roll out with an opening video of “Wanted: Dead or Alive” and pics and vid of Talbot and Double J. Last night, bring out some depressing song and show the struggles of the Penguins. If they did this, these videos would be everywhere on YouTube. People would actually look forward to them. It would fulfill the "entertainment" niche that ROOT Sports is craving without ruining the game. Other networks do these kind of videos all the time.

4. Intermissions

We’ve always enjoyed Dan Potash. He's one of the nicest human beings of all time. But why keep doing the same mundane interviews? Why not host a segment like HNIC does with the “Hot Stove?” Maybe bring on some former Penguins or even just some beat writers to discuss the game and the NHL? And we don't mean have two people yell at each other like Milbury and McGuire either. Actually talk about the game and maybe break down some plays. They tried to do that with Rob Rossi and it was different. Why not keep doing it? Todd Reirden and Tony Granato have never said anything interesting in the second-period intermission ever.

5. Bring back the "Into the Sun" commercial.

Because clearly the Penguins haven’t won since it was taken off the air. We hate it too, but we’re willing to do whatever it takes.


And now the poll: