Farewell, Mark Eaton

Eaton will be making $2.5 million a year for the next two years on Long Island.
Penguins couldn't have afforded that.
Without Mark Eaton, photoshop expos as we know them may have never come to be.
If memory serves us right, Eaton was one of the first people Shero grabbed up.
Eaton came in and solidified the blue line with big no-name defense.
His time here was marred by two freak injuries.
The Jonathan Cheechoo one still gives us nightmares.
When Bylsma took over for Therrien, he told all the D to start jumping into the play.
And of Orpik, Gill, and Scuderi, Eaton was the one who started to put the puck home.
He will be remembered for that jobber goal on Varlamov.
That sick goal in Madison Square Garden.
And the 2nd goal of the Game 6 comeback in Philly.