Fans at Consol becoming unglued?

Incredible story here. Looking for any other eyewitnesses to come forward.

From reader Nicholas M., here is the story of a fight between two guys and a pregnant woman.

This is NSFW.

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Ok, so here is the entire story.

I was walking out of the game… Out of the corner of my eye I saw a beer can flying past, so I turned around and saw it hit the ground. Before it hit the ground, it hit a man. A group of 2 men threw a beer at a man and 6 month pregnant wife going down an escalator. The man and his wife were going to just let it go, be civil, and walk away. Then the 2 men who threw the beer started yelling at the man, saying pretty nasty things, such as, "I hope you have fun tonight fucking that fat, ugly cunt." At that point, the husband and his wife, who were both a down escalator, turned around and walked up the down escalator. The husband started throwing punches at one of the two men, and the other man started throwing several hard lefts and right at the pregnant woman. The woman was bloodied and fell down onto the escalator. When the husband saw how bad his wife was injured, he sprinted all the way up the down escalator, tackled the man who punched his wife, and pummeled him as hard as I have ever seen a human punch. He and his wife then got back on the escalator. The man who was just pummeled along with his friend, were not done. They went back to the escalator, one of them punching the husband, the other grabbing the 6 month pregnant woman by her hair so hard, that she was completely elevated off the escalator by about of a foot. When the man stopped punching the husband, the other one let go of the woman's hair, where she then fell a foot onto her back on the down escalator already bloodied and VERY disoriented. They continued to yell and scream at each other, then the police were involved and broke everything up. The police questioned me and I explained to them this exact same story, then was allowed to leave after I gave them my phone number in case they, "had any further questions for me."

It should be noted, that the woman was clearly pregnant. She was a fairly skinny girl, and at 6 months, you could CLEARLY tell she was due to have a child.


Dear god. Did anyone else see this?