Everything that happened today with the NHLPA’s counter offer to the Owners

Crosby overdressed in our opinion.

Busy day of news as the NHLPA countered the Owners July 13th proposal. Start here From PHT:

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman wasn’t revealing much after receiving the NHLPA’s proposal for a new collective bargaining agreement — but he did say it was thorough.

“It’s clear to me that they didn’t put it together in an hour or two,” Bettman told reporters following Tuesday’s meeting in Toronto.

Overall the tone of the day wasn't as negative as everyone was thinking. 

Breakdown of the good, bad, and Aaron Ward after read more.


Craig Adams talked to the Trib and PG.

Here is vid of Fehr:


LOL Ovechkin. One dude in the back, no clue who that is.

Fehr playing his role quite nicely. Listen to him for five minutes and your on the players side without even realizing it.

Aaron Ward, who previous biggest moment was when Gonch elbowed him the throat, broke down the details:


Puck Daddy's Harrison Mooney's breaks down more of the proposal:

The atmosphere following the proposal appears to be surprisingly positive, and initial impressions were actually pretty good. Heck, elements of the proposal reportedly "intrigued" the NHL, meaning they might not reject it as vociferously as expected.
The full proposal has yet to leak, but we were given a sense of its major points.
First, the PA's proposal aligns with the NHL's on one fundamental point: the players are willing to take less money, albeit not quite the way the league proposed.
It's a system that doesn't see the players giving money back, as they did in the last CBA negotiations and as they were asked to do again. It simply sees them taking less going forward. The players are asking for a smaller percentage of revenues as they increase each year


So where do we go from here?

The owners reaction to this will basically be the difference between starting the season on time, and starting a war. The have the proposal, so it may take awhile for it to be circulated, be debated and most likely read to David Morehouse 17,000 times in color book form.