Engelland walking to the gallows

But he'll only be walking over to pick up a phone.  He is scheduled to have a telephone hearing with Shanahan today.  It's better than a face-to-face meeting.

We have the big three behind this blog, two of which think this is clearly a finable or suspendable offense.  Engelland changes his body positioning when he sees Freddy's head and goes right for it.  There was no hint of hesitation.
This doesn't mean we hate Deryk Engelland. Engelland isn't a dirty player at all.  He's just a bad-ass third-pair defenseman. 
Forgetting about whatever decisions Shanahan has made in the past, when you isolate this play, it is clearly a shot to the head.  You may have to squint to see it through your black-and-gold glasses, but it's there.  Wanting Engelland to go unpunished on this means you want Shanahan's judgment process to have no semblance of consistency, and then the NHL would be a complete mess.
Here's the trailer for Under Seige 2:


Travis Dane.  One of the best movie villains of the '90s.