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@DustinJohns sent shockwaves through Twitter last night when he posted this:
This really happened.
Now that the Penguins franchise has been connected to 1990s professional wrestling,
there's really nothing else for us to do.
How did this Taglianetti moment come to be?
On July 4th, 1993, the WWF held an event on an aircraft carrier in New York
to see if any athletes could bodyslam their new wrestler Kate Smith.
They used the event to spring Lex Luger into WWF stardom.
Taglianetti's moment comes at the 1:30 mark.
Didn't even look like he was trying to pick him up.  Just an awkward moment.
There's a rule somewhere about touching another guy's sac for that long too.
July 4, 1993 — Less than two months removed from Game 7 loss to the Isles.
Last year at this time we would've photoshopped Gary Roberts into that pic.
Have to pick and choose when to break out Gary Roberts references anymore.
Top image result?  wtf
We came to grips long ago with being hockey-first fans in a football town.
After nights like last night, we're glad everything is the way it is.
Sports-talk shows will spend all of today and all of the upcoming week talking about the same exact thing:
Dennis Dixon vs. Byron Leftwich.
"Oh, Dennis Dixon threw those picks."
"Oh, Byron Leftwich probably took Benadryl before the Denver game."
Can you imagine if sports-talk guys popped boners like this after a meaningless Pens preseason game?
These boners will last until Roethlisberger comes back.
And then Big Ben's apparently constant erection will trump all.
Meanwhile Charlie Batch just goes to work.
Who cares if it was against scrubs in the 4th quarter?  We don't.
Those scrubs are giving everything they have to get a roster spot.  Steel cage match.
Start Batch = Undefeated season, Roethlisberger comes in for Wildcat and pretends to be injured.
There's a new post on Big Batch News all about it.