Edmonton Oilers Season Preview

The Oilers were the worst team in the National Hockey League last year.
They scored 2.5 goals a game, 4th-worst in the league.
They gave up 3.39 goals a game, worst in the league.
Well, there's your problem.
And from what we can gather, they led the league in man-games lost due to injury with 530.
And they had the worst faceoff percentage in the league.
Over the summer, they drafted this guy:
Taylor Hall.  Not wearing pants in this pic.
Although he looks like he just shoved a Happy Meal toy up his butthole, don't be fooled by Jordan Eberle.
He is dangle city and is already being talked about as a possible Calder Trophy winner.
With these projected lines we found on TSN, Hall is expected to make the team this season.
A lot of really cool names in their depth chart.  Oilers are banking on being high-scoring this year.
On defense is that son of a bitch Ryan Whitney.
The Oilers are also banking on Sheldon Souray stopping his emo ways and actually do something.
Can't stop pucks when you're in jail.
He got a 30-day jail sentence for a D.U.I. recently. His attorneys are appealing it for some reason.
So Khabibulin will be able to attend camp but will probably serve the sentence during the season sometime.
Then again, he'll be taken away from the Oilers to go to jail.  Doesn't sound like punishment to us.
CJ was unreal.  You ain't running on Joel Steed.
Pretty much any season where you lose that many-games to injury, you're gonna suck.
No clue what's going on with getting a new arena up there.  Hope they get it.