EA Sports fails to spell Brandon Sutter’s name right, puts TK on second line.

via @Kit_Goggles

Since the days of Neil Wilkinson being on the roster for 5 straight years EA Sports struggles with the Penguins lineup for some reason.

No idea who B. Suter is. TK on the second line….

Obviously EA just puts the highest ratings in order. Still, it is embarrassing. 

Might buy NHL 13 just to cut Tanner Glass.

Puck Daddy has ratings for other players:

LOLvechkin is 93, Stamjoke is a 91. 
And Malkin is only a 91?
If it's in the game its apparently not in the game.
Oh and if your in the " It's only a video game," state of mind, well guess what. NHL 13 is probably the closest your going to get to NHL until December.