Dress Like Mario Lemieux

Someone on eBay is selling Mario Lemieux's uniform from the 1990 NHL All-Star Game.  This is the game where Mario scored four goals and was awarded the game MVP award.  More on the uniform from eBay:

This jersey is from the pre-game skate, 1st period or 2nd period. All characteristics of this Lemieux jersey match other known examples from the 1990 NHL All-Star Game exactly. You'll notice that jersey offered in this lot is identical in every way to the jersey housed at the Hockey Hall of Fame; however, Lemieux did not sign this jersey as Mr. Pritchard had both Gretzky and Lemieux sign each of the jerseys obtained at the conclusion of the game by the Hall of Fame.

These pants have been conclusively photo-matched to multiple photos from the game which can been seen below in the lot description. There is a large board burn on the upper back left side of the pants. At the time, it was customary for NHL All-Star players to wear their normal team-issued breezers in the game with the NHL All-Star Game shells button on over top of their normally worn breezers. You can clearly see where the sweat stains accumulated at each button opening when Lemieux wore these pant shells over his customary Pittsburgh Penguins breezers.

Mario Lemieux's Home (white) Wales Conference NHL All-Star socks have orange stripes forming the top and bottom border around four black stars which have been sewn onto each sock. Each sock shows light wear with light sweat stains evident. The socks were obtained along with the jersey and pants shell which are offered in this lot.

The price is set at $7,995.00 or best offer.  
If we had the kind of money needed to buy this, we'd never take it off.