Dream Fulfilled: Played A Video Game For Money

A special editorial message from the Pensblog's Derek:

I have been playing video games all my life. Never in my life did I think I would get to bet on one. That all changed last night as issued my first challenge on Rivalspot.com.

I've been playing the NHL franchise of video games since I was nine. I also enjoy gambling.
So naturally, when Rivalspot.com came knocking on our door last week, my interest was peaked.
The last week I've been on several conference calls with Rivalspot and Adam, Rick, Stephen and Eric working details out, exchanging emails, and thinking about how fucking cool of an idea this is.
Last night I got to test the process out.
So I created my account, and read exactly what I needed to do. For Rivalspot to get your scores you have to update a few things. It sounds way harder than it really is.
Basically the entire process takes 10 minutes.
The main point is getting your results sent to Rivalspot. I have PS3, so I can't speak for Xbox, but I am sure it is close.
1. Make sure you have a EA Sports ID. ( If you don't, no idea why you read this far.)
2. Assuming you have an EA Sports account all you have to do is login in via your computer to this site.  Change your email address over to whatever your username is on Rivalspot. For example my new EA Sports email is "derekrocco@rivalscore.com"
The last step of the process is captured with this easy screenshot:
Basically when you have NHL10 on, just go to the Online settings tab, click General Settings, and yes to forward end of game stats.
So I did all that. Like I said 10 minutes at most. The screencap above is the final pop up of the challenge screen. I issued the challenged, which was probably the easiest thing I've done all week.
Two seconds later some jobber appeared to take my Challenge.
This dudes a beast.
So anyway, since the challenge was accepted LonghornMint8 and I entered a page that had a chatbox, and details of our game.
Ten years ago if you told me I'd be in a chat with some dude named LonghornMint at 1:00 am I would have asked you to shoot me.
We briefly chatted, and I was able to get his PS3 Online ID from his profile. We agreed to meet in the online lobby of NHL online, I issued the invite.
Table was set. It was nice to confirm everything on the computer first.
So after that it was a normal online game. Longhorn took the Penguins. I played with Isles. Richard Park came out guns blazing in the first, but Crosby jobbed him. Poni had 2 goals. All you need to know.
I haven't played NHL10 since March.
Game was over quickly.
Overall though it is not only easy, but I can imagine people that are good at NHL10 could make themselves some coin on Rivalspot. And its only going to get better. EASHL teams and multi-player games are in the works.
Best five bucks I've lost in quite awhile. I've predicted I will stun the world in the PS3 tourney. If you decide to take the dip, go through this link so we can track you. Email us your experiences as well.