DRAFT WEEK: Will the Pens make any deals at the draft?

Depending on who you care to listen to, the Penguins may be making some moves at the Draft.

Here is what we know.

As it stands this is the current salary structure of the Penguins ( via capgeek)

This leaves the Pens with around 61 million, and about 8.7 million to play with.
After the jump we look at some rumored players going elsewhere.


Jordan Staal

We're probably on what year 5 of the Staal rumors?
But this is the heaviest the rumors have been.
The Staal rumors got their legs from this Alan Robinson tweet during the Penguins first round flame out.
Rob Rossi dispelled the rumors later on, but that is like the Santa Claus saying Jesus isn't real and the Tooth Fairy clearing it up.
But the rumors are heating up.
Kevin Allen from UsaToday had this tidbit:
The Penguins want to keep Staal, but money isn't the only issue. He has been playing in the shadow of Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin. If he wants to go somewhere where he is a focal point of the offense, the time to trade him is now. He becomes an unrestricted free agent in 2013.
The best fit for a trade is the Carolina Hurricanes, where his brother Eric is the captain and brother Jared is a prospect. Carolina GM Jim Rutherford probably would offer Pittsburgh more because he could be reasonably confident that he can sign Staal to a long-term deal. The presumption is that the Staals would like to play together

Elliotte Friedman talked about it in his 30 thoughts column:

Jordan Staal is the obvious name, but there's no guarantee Pittsburgh is dealing him yet. You could certainly see Carolina making a play for Nash. If there's an impact forward available, Rutherford will try to get him

So it seems the rumors have settled over Carolina like a tropical storm.

What could Carolina offer?

As Kevin Allen mentioned, the Canes 8th pick in the draft would be there.

Other names throw out there were:

Justin Faulk – A big, but agile American born defenseman with a big shot from the point. [ Hockey Futures profile ]

Ryan Murphy – Another big time D-prospect. Fast as shit, and big time shot. [ Canes Country ]

Brandon Sutter – Sutter has been in the NHL for three solid years now, and is a logical third line center.

So maybe a combo of Sutter/8th pick/ Murphy or Faulk is enough for Staal if he is even available. You can't think Shero is just going to trade him to trade him.


Paul Martin

Martin's fate may be tied to Jordan Staal's whereabouts. If the Pens make a trade that includes more young defenseman, it may signal Martin's end in Pittsburgh.
The market for Martin can't be very appealing, but his contract could help a team that needs to get to the salary floor.
Martin and Staal are really the only chips the Pens hold unless something goes awry with Matt Niskanen's negotiations.
The logical answer is the Penguins hold on to Staal, make some minor moves in free agency, and lock Crosby up long-term.
But if Shero is given a deal he can't pass up, one would think he takes it. Especially for Staal who becomes a free agent next summer.
That isn't suggesting the Penguins blow up their team, that is just stating the facts.