DRAFT WEEK: Shero’s drafting under fire?

Looking forward to NHL prospects developing is like looking forward to getting your drivers license at 16 when you're nine years old.

(p.s. was Shero 12 in the pic?)

The importance of the draft may or may not even be important, but Dave Molinari of the PG hit a homerun in this weekend when breaking down the last six years of Shero drafting:

Ray Shero has overseen six drafts since succeeding Craig Patrick as general manager of the Penguins.
During that time, his team has selected 35 prospects.
All but 34 have established themselves as regulars in the NHL.
And, coincidentally or otherwise, those are the 34 guys the Penguins have chosen most recently.
Shero's first pick, center Jordan Staal, is the only exception.



Seth from Empty Netters found some additional research in a must-read post:

-The Kings' list of players is dotted with key parts of the Stanley Cup championship they won last week. And in the case of Simmonds and Schenn, those players were used to acquire other key parts of their championship team through trades.

As Seth noted, the Penguins aren't exactly in bad shape when compared to other teams. 
And it is hard to even see any issues. For example, the Wings and Canucks have the two worst rate when it comes to draft picks, and they have been among the most dominant in the West.
The Pens have flipped draft picks for big time additions as well so it has to be noted.
The next few years may tell the tale of Shero's evaluating of talent. Joe Morrow, Simon Despres and others are in the pipeline. If one of those guys become a big time talent, any questions about Shero will disolve in the after glow.
In the meantime, jesus christ draft someone good.// sarcasm.