Double J speaks
Broad Street Hockey has an unnnrrreeeeaaaaalll interview with Double J that they found on some Czech website.  Great job by them.  They're loving this.  Anyway, the Czech interview is a quote factory.
Jagr not understanding the animosity from Pens fans after not signing with Pittsburgh:

"It just doesn’t make sense to me. I didn’t expect their fans to see it like this. For two reasons. First of all, I didn’t expect them to want me to sign in Pittsburgh so much to begin with, because the last eight years in the NHL, they booed at me whenever I went there. And those same fans suddenly wanted me to return. It’s a bit strange. It was a huge surprise to me. On the other hand, I expected them to respond the way they did when I signed with the Flyers.  It’s their problem. I don’t think they all feel the same way, though. It's a good example on how easily people change their minds. As long as you wear their jersey, you’re the best in the world. When you take the jersey off, you’re nothing."

There were more quotes…
Talking about the Penguins' offer:

"Reporters started writing about Pittsburgh being an option for me months ago. But even by the draft the Penguins hadn’t shown any interest in me. They noticed me only after when the reporters had started writing about me. Suddenly they realized that the fans in Pittsburgh wanted me to return. After that, it was all calculated. They gave me an offer they knew would be the worst or one of the worst I’d get. They knew about the offers from other teams. They knew that I would turn them down. But the result looks like I refused to go there and they tried to get me. So the fans thought I was an idiot and eventually a traitor. If you want a player of certain quality, you can’t offer him third or fourth line money, can you? When you see players on the first line get about seven millions and second liners get five millions, I think my place would be somewhere in between. They offered me fourth line money. That’s it."

In response to being asked about once saying he'd play for Lemieux for league minimum:

"Sure. What can I say? I think it’s a bit silly to make a connection between that statement and the current situation. It’s a bit out of context. It’s like before the wedding you’d tell your bride that you’ll never leave her. And then a month later something happens and you get a divorce."

There are more quotes.  Worth a read.