Does The Dark Knight Rises casting call hint at a sports related scene?

Over the next two weekends The Dark Knight Rises will be operating casting calls under the name "Magnus Rex," in downtown Pittsburgh. [ SWDcasting ]
For more details click that link, but here is the most interesting piece of info:
Some specific types we are looking for are:
Prisoners/Thugs, Guards, Police Officers, Business men & women
and Sports Fans- ALL types are needed!!
The inclusion of "sports fans," is going to lead to some very interesting theories as time moves on.
If you remember a few months ago there were rumors of the Civic Arena being used, but those rumors were shot down.
Could the civic arena be back in play? If so will there be a hockey scene?
From the Gotham wiki:
Gotham has a wide variety of sports teams like their Baseball teams, Gotham Knights and the Gotham Griffins. Their Basketball team, the Gotham Guardsman, Their Football teams the Gotham Wildcats and gotham Knights, and their Ice Hockey team, The Gotham Blades. The Gotham Knights baseball team colors are black and gold like the Knights football team. The Griifins team colors are dark green and white.
Anything is pure speculation at this point, there was a brief rumor the plot line will include a trade for a winger for Batman after Robin is concussed.
thanks to Nate M. for the tip.