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It's hard to not be happy for the Kings right now. They knocked off the top three seeds in the West on the way to the Cup Final. And they didn't lose very often either. We never thought we'd take such joy out of seeing Mike Richards and Jeff Carter succeed.

After the jump, some links and such. We don't even know anymore. Thanks to Akus for sending some stuff our way and reminding us that we have a blog.

The Red Wings are getting a new arena.

Steve Sullivan saw a fire.

If you're interested, here's how you can get draft tickets.

The Pens "want to keep Crosby and Staal." Maybe watching the Kings succeed with Richards and Carter made the Pens realize the "trading stars for young players" method doesn't immediately result in a Stanley Cup, despite what we were all told after round one.

Brooks Orpik is pretty awesome.

"What matters to me and my teammates? A player with a hard slap shot. A player with awesome puck-handling skills. A player who can shoot. A guy who can help our team win"

So now we know why Chris Bourque left the Pens.

Seriously though, the Orpik quote continues:

"You know what doesn’t matter to me? If a player is straight or gay. Sports should be open to anyone who loves the game and will play hard"

For more info, visit youcanplayproject.org. It's a great project.

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