Denver columnist thinks wearing your team’s jersey on the road makes you look “foolish” and “dorkish”

We have an early candidate for dumbest article of 2012.

Denver columnist and butt-hurt Avs fan Adrian Dater ripped Penguin fans after they invaded, conquered, and thoroughly embarrassed Avs fans in the Pepsi Center Saturday night.

From Dater's blog on the

First off, I never knew there were so many people from Pittsburgh who lived in Denver. Wow, for all the love they showed their Penguins tonight, you’d think they would never have left their beloved city in the first place. But there they where in their Stub-Hubbed glory tonight, sitting in the lower bowls of the Pepsi Center, cheering nonstop for the Penguins in their romp over the suddenly awful Avs again.

"Stub-Hubbed glory" is a direct shot to who here?

(One thing I’ll never ever do again: wear jerseys of my Boston teams in a foreign arena. Not because I would be afraid of being told off, but because I’ve finally come to realize after nights like tonight: that you look foolish. You look dorkish jumping up and down for a team whose city you don’t live in anymore, high-fiving all your phony new friends in similar jerseys around you. I think I finally agree with those who say: If you love your city and team so much, why do so many hundreds of you live in Denver or wherever? I think it’s kind of a big, sad overcompensating plea for attention, and I used to fall into that group too; you want so much for people to think “Hey, I’m from PITTSBURGH (or Detroit, or Boston or New York or wherever), that I’m going to act like every goal we score just won us the Stanley Cup and I’m going to lord it over you poor saplings from Denver – even though we live in your city now.” I finally realize now how annoying Red Sox fans are.)


Wow. wow. wow.  Sounds like Pens fans got into his head. Honestly we're beyond proud. So great.  He tries to blame the Pens fans at this game for the team almost leaving Pittsburgh.  Yes, he blamed people living in Colorado.

Isn't one of the best things about being a sports fan going into an opposing arena and banding together? In fact, it may be the greatest thing. And a close second is watching your fellow fans, thousands of mile away, representing. Dorkish? No. Foolish. No.

Awesome? Yesssssss.

Dater said that it is a "sad" plea for attention. Why? Because people that no longer live in the Pittsburgh area want to feel at home again? Get a grip.  Dater may just be upset that he covers Denver sports for a living.

We salute the Penguin fans that made the effort to go the Colorado game, as well as all other road games. It is a show of solidarity and loyalty. We don't have pride in anything, but watching Pens fan celebrating after every goal in Colorado is what this shit is all about.

If that ever changes, we're all dead.

Go Pens.