Day 3 of the Zach Parise hostage situation

Today is day 3 of the Zach Parise hostage crisis.
The common tone right now amongst some people is " he deserves as much time as possible, he is making the biggest decision of his life…"
Our initial reaction was this:
We just wanted to say fuck you, Zach, make a decision on where you are going to sign your 100 million contract.
In fact this actually might be the greatest #whitepeopleproblem of all time.
But after thinking about it makes sense he didn't sign anywhere yet.
Day 1, Sunday: Parise starts getting offers and is staggered. Agents probably have to read over a bunch of shit, and they eliminate the teams that he doesn't want to go to.
Day 2, Monday: Parise and his agents go over his shortlist, and field calls from suitors. Brodeur probably gets emo on him. The Blackhawks cloud everything. Parise wants to go over shit with his family. Decision
Day 3, Tuesday:Decision day. Parise probably talked to his family last night and decided. He and his soon to be wife were probably looking at houses in whatever city.
So yea, got a feeling the decision comes today. 
No clue on where, but we'd have to think at this point it Pens are probably still in because they haven't done anything else yet. All signs point to either the Wild or Devils though.
Go pens.