Crosby: Speculation Station

For anyone complaining that the Internet becomes a sea of armchair doctors whenever Crosby news comes out, you have to find some way to get off your high horse.  In the past 24 to 48 hours, we've read more non-educated speculation about Crosby than anyone on the Internet, and we aren't jammed up about it. 
Here are some must-read articles for you to start your week with.
1. Sidney Crosby's neck injury is biggest news at NHL All-Star Game — Michael Farber, CNNSI
2. How do you miss a broken neck? — Dejan at the Trib
3. REPRISE: Rebuilding Sidney Crosby's brain — Cathy Gulli,, November 3, 2011
The Farber article pretty much lays out the timeline of everything that has happened during the All-Star Break in case you've been severely out of the loop.  Farber reminds everyone that Crosby complained of neck soreness and not concussion symptoms when he was initially injured last January.  It even hints at dissension between Crosby and his agent.   Speaking of which, it donned on us in writing this that we don't even know what Crosby's agent, Pat Brisson, looks like.  So here he is:
Anyone else think it was bizarre when Brisson was quoted as saying Crosby was "safe" in an article this weekend? What did that even mean.
Dejan brings up some solid points in his article, too.  The doctors in LA came to the conclusion that Crosby had cracked vertebrae and that they were completely healed.  If they were completely healed, how did the LA doctors come to the conclusion they were even cracked in the first place?  This is where the Internet-doctor speculation comes in.
Our theory, which is based on nothing, is that maybe Dr. Ted Carrick's unorthodox treatment had something to do with Crosby's cracked vertebrae.  It's difficult to come to this conclusion since Dr. Carrick started out his career as a chiropractor and knew what to look for.  But maybe the focus was solely on the concussion symptoms.  Not to mention Dr. Carrick put some serious strain on Crosby's entire body (and neck presumably) by placing him in that gyroscope chair.

Minus the obesity, this is probably the exact chair Crosby was in. Also, why was the guy above in a field in what looks like rural Missouri?  Read more about that gyroscope chair in the article above.

This is all going to get much worse.