Crosby press conference scheduled, then called off? Confusion city. [ UPDATED: Presser at 6:15 ]

5:34: Via the Penguins. Crosby and Shero to speak at 6:15.




pic taken at 5:05 pm, via @SNLouisJean



A very strange turn of events as confusion seems reigning around Sidney Crosby this afternoon.

Here is what we know. There was a report that the Penguins were going to release a statment on Sidney Crosby this afternoon.

From there, reports of a press conference developed.

This from Bob Pomp:


And then 27 minutes later:


Welcome to the circus. At least there is game tonight. yikes.

EDIT: Perhaps some clarification from Empty Netters on Twitter:

There is no press conference scheduled. We were only told an announcement would be issued.