Crosby chirps Murray and the Sens again

This is probably the most chirpy we've seen Sidney Crosby.
On if he heard or read the comments from Senators GM Bryan Murray on him:
I heard about it. I mean, I think it’s getting blown way out of proportion. It’s ridiculous. It’s a play that happens in every game and I guess the fact that it’s me, it’s dissected and analyzed a hundred times more. I really think they’re making something out of nothing. If they want to keep kind of beating it around, they can, but I don’t have anything else to say about it. I think it’s ridiculous we’re still talking about it three days later, to be honest with you.
On it not being the first time Murray has made comments involving him:
He’s been doing that since my first year. That’s nothing new.
There are so many sub-plots to this season already, Tom Clancy vomited just thinking about it.