Crosby & Ovechkin, Crosby & Ovechkin, Crosby & Ovechkin

We're surprised that this moment isn't being accompanied by balloons, streamers, an NHL Network special and Gary Bettman riding on a giant float.  Five years ago today Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin played their first NHL game against each other.  The Pens won that game 5-4.  The Penguins' goals were scored by Crosby, Ric Jackman, Lasse Pirjeta and Ziggy Palffy, who had two.  Sebastien Caron was in net.  What a time to be alive.

To mark this occasion, here are a couple of clips of our favorite moments in this rivalry:

In other Ovechkin news, after losing 5-0 to the Devils last night, Ovi decided it would be a good idea to laugh it up with Alex Semin and Ilya Kovalchuk while Bruce Boudreau gave a press conference.

Just another example of how Ovechkin is difficult for Boudreau to work with.  Just like he was last year.  Is Ovi a coach killer?

Go Pens.