Craig Adams speaks on Crosby, HNIC fouls it up big-time

Dejan's opus is still getting some play.  Saturday night, during "Hockey Night In Canada's" Hotstove segment, they turned to Eric Francis for a report stemming from the Crosby Code Red.  UPDATE: To give you an idea of Eric Francis' body of work, he didn't even know his hometown team was finishing up the Cammalleri trade. [ PPP ]

The transcript (video here at 5:20 mark):

Ron MacLean: The story…came out of the assertion that the Penguins, within the room, said, "Look, if Sid can't play, we need a captain." So, Eric, uh, why don't you touch on that?

Eric Francis: Yeah, I spoke to Craig Adams, who's, uh, you know, one of the veteran leaders on that team, and he said absolutely no truth to it whatsoever and that the article that came out really took them by surprise, that it really infuriated guys in that room, because they never saw it coming.  This is a guy, who wrote this [Dejan], who they say they're totally unfamiliar with; he's never been in their room, doesn't know any of the players.  So they took total exception to that and said there's no truth to it.  

Also, questions about Sid being soft and maybe he should be playing.  Nobody in that room really believes that. 


From Trib website:

First off, why wasn't Dejan himself invited onto HNIC?  Why play a game of telephone through Calgary journalists when you could actually call Dejan on the telephone?  Probably could've even had Dejan as a talking head on the segment if Dejan has some unreal camera setup in his den.  This is not to discredit Eric Francis in any way, because apparently he's a big deal, but why not actually get in contact with the guy who put his 26-year reputation on the line?  By not even extending an invitation to Dejan, it makes HNIC look like they didn't want to hear what Dejan had to say. HNIC runs their shit topnotch, which makes this stand out even more.

Secondly, the source Eric Francis talked to was Craig Adams.  Craig Adams is a tough veteran who has kids, but maybe he wasn't even invited to this Code Red.

Or maybe he was. Craig Adams plays hurt and makes roughly 8 million dollars less than Crosby. Maybe he got pissed Crosby wasn't around.

The fact he's a veteran means he knows what kind of dissension in the locker room this could cause (and may have already caused) and he's now doing his job of cleaning it all up.  Props to Craig Adams for doing it, too.  The Pens need everything on their ship operational. UPDATE: @walterflanagan reminded us that Adams is the Pens rep for the Players Association, too.

From Dejan's article: "…according to three sources, a group of players held a 45-minute meeting to discuss a temporary captaincy." 

What Craig Adams said about Dejan not being in the Pens' room and not knowing any of the players could be true, depending on the definition of the word "knowing."  Dejan hasn't been in the business for 26 years by randomly putting rumors into print to troll everyone.  It's best to leave that to blogs.  Our editorial process is clicking "publish" while wiping ketchup off the side of our lip.  A newspaper's editorial process is obviously much more involved.   Pretty sure Dejan had to divulge his sources to someone before running it.

His point is right here:

That is Journalism 101.

From Dejan's word, this wasn't a players-only meeting that was held after practice or some shit.  It might even be best not to visualize this secret meeting taking place at CONSOL at all.  Maybe a couple players texted and met at the Cap Grille to discuss the coup d'état.  A meeting happened.  Dejan isn't the only media member to confirm it.  These guys have been covering sports almost as long as we've been alive. Is there a chance that we have a bias toward Dejan?  Absolutely.  It probably has its roots from our high-school days where we'd grab the newspaper off the teacher's desk and flip to the Sports section to read what Dejan had to say about the Pens then flirt with some girl out of our league.  It was a simpler time.

Our beef isn't with the Penguins and any damage control they're doing.  We've moved on.  Sports teams do this all the time.  Time to move on to happier things.

But HNIC's move to not even get comments from Dejan really pissed us off.  Could it be the Canadian media is jealous they are so out of touch?

When all is done, though, you let the Internet judge: