Conspiracy Theory Central

So it turns out the Hockey Hall of Fame really did engrave the Prince of Wales Trophy with the 2009-2010 Washington Capitals.
Upon hearing this, Alex Ovechkin immediately took the trophy to Russia to celebrate.
How must the Philadelphia Flyers feel?  Not only did they lose in the Stanley Cup Final, but the trophy they actually did win had one of their rivals engraved on it.  Can you imagine the conspiracy theories if the trophy accidentally had the Pittsburgh Penguins engraved on it?  Not only would the entire city of Philadelphia explode with rage, but fans of every other team in the league would be crying "fix."  Bettman's favorite team would have done it again!
Just for fun, they should have engraved "2009-2010: Sidney Crosby" and watched the world collapse into itself.
Someone from the Hockey Hall of Fame claims that "the Washington Capitals won the President's Trophy. I think the engraver made a mistake and [mixed up] Prince of Wales and President's Trophy."
That's funny.  We're sure the Washington Capitals themselves confused the President's Trophy with something meaningful too.
We just want to know what Ovechkin's dad has to say now that the trophy was corrected and the Capitals were removed.  His dad was already pretty upset that Alex didn't win the Richard Trophy.
"He was suspended for nothing! Son missed 10 games and then was overtaken in the scoring race at the end of the season by a single goal. And what if he had played in those games?"
What if Ovechkin had played in the Eastern Conference Final?  Clearly he would have won.  Just like he's won all of those other Eastern Conference Finals he's played in.
Actually, now that we think about it, it all makes sense.  They must have engraved the Prince of Wales Trophy back in February when the Capitals "arrived."
That blog post truly is the gift that keeps on giving.
Drop the puck already.