Consol Burning; Some Angry Emails

Consol Energy Center
There is no good way to approach this. But there is something wrong in Consol, and it is growing.
We got a few emails after the game.
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First email from Barb S.:


Tonight was my first game at consol this season. I didn't want to believe your recent post about the pgh fans sucking. But holy fuck that was terrible. 1. Not even close to being full at faceoff. Bullshit. 2. Quiet. Real quiet. Some dudes behind me tried their best to get the lets go pens going on several occasions. Not at all successful. 3. Pretty sure Fleury didn't get his shutout because of he was distracted by the mass exodus from consol.

Unreal bullshit. Happy for pens, sad for pittsburgh.


Look, we've always said that it is peoples right to do whatever they want with a ticket. But, leaving early, especially during a game? Man. Again that is your right, but Jesus.


Another email from Adam J:

Hey guys, I saw in your recap from the Buffalo game about the crowd at Consol, and I was at the game tonight and I would share some of my thoughts. Ever since Consol opened I feel that the crowd is more of a corporate crowd than it was at Lady Mellon, but anyways onto tonights game. I was sitting in section 119 for the game and as the game started a good portion of the lower bowl had filled in. The upper bowl was empty too, but not as bad. As the game started you could hear a pin drop, until some Montreal fans started screaming "go habs go" then the crowd got going. It took until about halfway through the 1st for everyone to find their seats but again. In the 2nd the crowd got more into it and it felt like an actual game. It was more of the same in the 3rd and the crowd was really into it until Asham scored his goal. After that it started to quiet down, but with 8:42 to go I saw people leaving. I think leaving that early is ridiculous by any standards but to leave that early while Fleury was still goin with a shutout!?! Unbelievable. And then with 5 minutes to go the masses started to leave, still a Fleury shutout. 1:38 left, (what kind of difference is that 1:38 gonna make?!?!?!) even more people (probably down to 1/3 in the seating bowl) leave. Still Fluery shutout. I just find it unbelievable that people would pay a lot of money and then leave early, it just doesn't make sense. But anyways I just thought I would share my observations.


P.S. I've gone deaf from the music and listening to Ryan Mil Pppppppooooooooooowwwwwwwwwweeeeeeerrrrrrrrrbbbbbbbbaaaaaaalllllllll

The Penguins have this new thing where they play the loudest music possible. It doesn't make any sense. And as far as Ryan Mill goes, we re-thought our stance on him. Dude is being told what to do. Only can assign so much blame to him.
Tweet from Josh Yohe:
– No one is saying that Consol isn't nice. Best building in the business
– No one is saying it can't be loud.
– There is just some disconnect during the game.
– If you stay to the 5 minute mark, why not stay the whole way?
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