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Some more reads about Crosby and concussions:

  • Geoff Grant from Climatecentral with an interesting comparison between Crosby and, yes, global warming:

With climate, as with hockey, people seem to be waiting for the definitive A-leads-to-B line to be drawn for them. But just as it’s impossible to link one hurricane in Florida to climate change, doctors cannot say with absolute certainty that any one hit, or even any one concussion, leads to long-term brain damage and functional decline. In climatology as in medicine, science is rarely an open-and-shut case. Certainties reside in mathematics, not science. And waiting for scientific certainty when lives are on the line almost always has a very high cost.

  • Nick Cotsonika with a really big time piece over at puckdaddy:

"I know the Penguins want to have Sidney healed and healthy more than anything," Brisson said. "I do know Mario [Lemieux] well, David Morehouse, Ron Burkle, Ray Shero. I mean, they have the same goal. They want him healthy as a person first. It's too premature to tell when he's going to be back and all that, so to comment any further …"
Brisson didn't finish the sentence.


Brisson probably didn't finish because he was probably thinking about how bizarre David Morehouse is.


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