Columbus Is Still Burning
Now that the dust has settled, it is apparent that the Pens-fan invasion in Columbus this past weekend is making everyone around the Columbus Blue Jackets franchise stand up and take notice.   Interesting read from Puck-Rakers about the Blue Jackets organization apologizing for letting Penguins fans ride on the ZamboniPuck Daddy posted an article recently talking about the invasion, as well.
But the best part of that Puck-Rakers article is the comment section. This sums it up nicely:
If you were at the game Saturday night, there's something wrong with you if you didn't take a moment to feel bad for Blue Jackets fans.  And not in a dick way, either.  But, really, how bad should we feel?  No one cried for us when thousands of Montreal fans somehow got tickets for Game 7 last year.  No one cried for us when Maple Leafs and Wings fans invaded Mellon Arena during the Pens' lean years.
Our Bloguin stable partner Light The Lamp is jacked:
1. Howson [GM] needs to request this game not be on a weekend. 
I know he can make special requests to the schedule makers and this should be priority one.
2. Management has to understand that sending out promo deals though email are going to get intercepted by opposing teams fans.  If they can't provide better security then an outright BAN on any promos for the Pens game should be instituted.  Would that stop them from buying seats?  Who knows, but if they're going to come at least gouge them at full price!
We saw some rumblings on Twitter and shit about how we posted the Columbus pre-sale code way back when.  Who cares.  The bottom line on all of this is that the Penguins visiting Columbus helps that franchise's, well, bottom line.  Pens fans say, "Well, if Blue Jackets fans would buy tickets, there would be no problem."  Blue Jackets fan retorts, "Well, where were you in the early 2000's when the Pens couldn't get a sellout and were close to leaving town?"  Our answer: "We were at the games, dick." 
You have your ideas, Columbus.
We own your fuckin City Hall.
And when Gary gives us another Cup this year, we will return in 2011-2012 as defending Stanley Cup champs.
suck it