Columbus Blue Jackets Season Preview
A year removed from making the playoffs for the first time of their lives,
the Blue Jackets celebrated that fact by peeing on themselves last season.
Finished 14 out of 15 in the Western Conference.
Their season was done when they lost 14 out of 16 games in December.
The Jackets were in the bottom third in both Goals Per Game and GAA.
Ken Hitchcock was fired sometime last season.
Stat City: Since they joined the league in 2000, Columbus has never had a winning road record.
Ken Hitchcock didn't want to play Nikita Filatov early last year, prompting Femme to go back to Russia.
This year, Hitchcock's gone, and Filatov's back.
Off the ice, Filatov does not train in a traditional gym or weight room,
preferring to run outside in sand and lift objects such as trees and boulders.
And with that, the Blue Jackets are Baywatch.