Colin Campbell Confirms It: Everyone Thinks Marc Savard Is A Little Bitch

Probably the best story you'll read in a while is all over the Internet right now.
It all starts with MC79HOCKEY.COM, who did the ground work on a story about a series of emails sent by Colin Campbell regarding the officiating of Dean Warren.

The emails are great:


From: Colin Campbell
Sent: 11/#/2007 09:54 PM EST
To: Stephen Walkom
Subject: Penalty


Game not televised. Radio announcers said it was a bullshit penalty…you need to find out for me. How…I don't know but this was awful. 1:30 left in 2-1 game for [team] and [player] scored with 2 second left to tie it up them won in OT. FUCK

So awesome.

But that isn't what has everyone all jammed up. It is this email:

To Stephen Walkom/Tor/NHL@NHL

A bend in the road is a dead end if you round the corner and Dean Warren is standing there. Your answer re: his high stick calls and the score of the game were horse [bleep]. The 3rd call on [player] was while they were down 5 on 4 and on a def zone face off vs that little fake artist [player] I had him in [city] biggest faker going. And Warren fell for it when he grabbed his face on a face off. Your supposed to see the act, not call the embellishing act. Dean Warren has to go with [referee] There must be a way to get rid of this guy. Is there a way we can tract (sic) and total minors called by referees this year. We could then get the minors they call per game. … or with 2 [referees on the ice] it is impossible? Warren and [referee] out of [club's] games. Give them to [referees].

The complete email chain is here.

So who is the player Campbell calls a "little fake artist"?
According MChockey it is Marc Savard. Tyler Dellow, the blogger who wrote the story for MChockey, went back and found only one game that it could have happened in.

We don't give a shit about any of this because it has nothing to do with the Pens. But now people are saying that Matt Cooke not being suspended for the hit on Savard is because Colin Campbell hates Marc Savard.

The thought of Colin Campbell celebrating after Cooke turned Marc Savard's lights out is so great.

The Colin Campbell thing is probably a huge deal for other NHL fans, but since the Penguins pay the refs, the NHL, and Gary Bettman, personally we don't have to worry about these kind of things.

Overall, if Boston Bruin fans can make something about themselves, they will.
Suck it.