Civic Arena will be demolished
The news came down from some appeals court Friday that Preservation Pittsburgh will not get their wish, and the SEA has been given the go-ahead to start bringing down the Civic Arena.  Nothing else can be done.  Demolition starts Monday.  [ PG ]
They will also be auctioning stuff off as they tear the building down. [ PG ]
Speaking of which, regardless of how you feel about the old lady, we hope everyone joins us in our disappointment upon learning from that article that the Civic Arena will not be brought down by a classic implosion, a la Three Rivers Stadium.  Instead, it looks like it's going to be a boring and tedious process: the Sidney Crosby interview of building demolition basically.
The Civic Arena's Last Stand reminds us of Pens fan Matt's plan to memorialize the Civic Arena.

She sure was a good ship.