Civic Arena Auctions

We haven't talked much about this yet, but they continue to have auctions for Civic Arena memorabilia. [Here] and [Here]
The site isn't the easiest to navigate, but here are a few things that caught our eye:
You could feel like Jimerson every night if you hung this up in your house.
Imagine this in your living room or basement.  From the photos on the listing we can see Johnson, Goligoski, Leopold, Letang, Eaton, Orpik, McKee, Gonchar, Lovejoy, Engelland and Letestu sat here.
We remember this hanging up in one of the concourses.
A whole bunch of goal lights are up for sale.  We hope someone buys all of them and rigs them up around his or her house for when the Pens score a big goal.
Buy this and you're on your way to being just like that guy in that NHL Center Ice commercial.

We were under the assumption that Ray Shero burned this in a ritual to cleanse his body from the trade, but it looks like we were wrong.
It's worth picking this up, if only to trade it to the Leafs next season for Luca Caputi.
Want to pee where Mario peed?  Now you can!
Warning: His pee will always be better than yours.
It only makes sense to buy the toilet paper rack if you're buying the toilet.
We imagine toilet paper with the Flyers' logo on it was here at least once.
The deed to the Washington Capitals has to be in here.
What isn't for sale?  The Trib mentions a few things in this article:

When the Civic Arena closed in August, sports historians selected items for The Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum in the Strip District: among them, lights from behind the goals, the building's dedication plaque and Penguins Coach Dan Bylsma's dry-erase board.