Sat. Jan. 22: CCAC Mario Lemieux Benefit Game
We wanted to convey as much information as possible for this, but we would have failed.
So here is the e-mail we received:
"Hello my name is Trevor Fetch. I'm the captain of the CCAC Ice Hockey team, and I have a proposal for you. This Saturday, Jan. 22, at 8pm, we have a benefit game for the Mario Lemieux Foundation. Basically, we have tickets for sale for $5 that can be purchased at the door.  Mario signed 7 jerseys, a stick, and some other items that will be up for auction. Pens tickets will be raffled off just for coming in the door. MLF hats, t-shirts, and other apparel will be for sale, as well.
We are playing against WVU and its sure to be an interesting game."
The game is being played near Mt. Lebanon high school.
Canon-McMillan > Mt. Lebo