Caps fan wants apology

No, not from her favorite team for last season's playoffs.
She wants an apology from Max Talbot.
Over at the Washington Capitals message boards, a person used the credible name of "beergirl-1" to post a recent "fight" they had with the NHL, wherein there was a love triangle of e-mails between herself, the NHL, and Ted Leonsis.
You simply have to head over and read the full e-mail chain.
There's too much to post here.  Plus it's pretty hilarious.
Basically, the Caps fan is whining that Max Talbot should be fined or suspended for calling Ovechkin a douche.
Who are we kidding?  Anyone in their 20s wearing a "Female Streaking Encouraged" shirt is, by definition, a douche.
This picture is the most solid proof you can find.  Courtesy of Puck Daddy
Here are some awesome tidbits from the e-mail exchange:
"I'm sure if Alex Semin would have said "I met Sidney Crosby at a party and he was a real D-bag" he would have been fined and suspended in a heartbeat."  — beergirl-1 in an e-mail to Texas Ted.
Texas forwarded the e-mail to the NHL.  The NHL replied to beergirl-1.
And she came right back with guns blazing.
"Can't wait to see what pops out of his mouth next, although I may have to censor the comments with my family because I don't need my children asking what a 'D-bag' is again."  — beergirl-1 in e-mail to NHL.
A.) Talbot never said douchebag.  He said "douche."  Argument is flawed from the get-go.
B.) If you're a Caps fan and your children are listening to The X, you have failed as a parent.
"Has the league publically offered an apology to Mr. Ovechkin, Mr. Leonsis or the Capital fans? If you have, my apologies but I haven't seen anything. If you haven't then isn't that the same as condoning these actions?" –beergirl-1 to NHL.
The rest of the e-mail consists of beergirl-1 typing stuff just to read it and feel good about herself.
Saw this link in C-blog a little while back.  Can't remember who posted it.