Goodbye, Capitals. The 2010-2011 Capitals Eulogy.

Puck Daddy gave us the privilege of eulogizing the Washington Capitals.

Maybe it seems a little weird for Pens fans to be the ones who eulogize the Caps, since the Pens were beaten by the Lightning in round one. But we had too much fun writing this to care. It may be the longest eulogy ever, and we actually cut a lot of things.

Using this eulogy to throw barbs directly at the Caps fan base would not be a good use of everyone's time. The Caps and Pens have been eliminated from the playoffs by the same team for the past two years. It would be like two guys fighting over a hot girl while that hot girl is getting plowed by some other guy. But we do feel obliged to acknowledge the Capitals' season that never was.

[Our Puck Daddy Eulogy for the Caps]
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