Canucks/Sharks – Game 5 – 9:00 – Clarence S. Campbell Bowl In Attendance
Rule 233 of Pensblog.
Anytime the Clarence S. Campbell Bowl, Prince of Wales Trophy, or the Stanley Cup is in play during a game, a post must be authored.
The Canucks clinched their last Stanley Cup appearance on May 24, 1994. Strangely enough in a game 5.
They lead the Sharks 3-1 thanks to the Sedin twins who have unlimited points in the series and a powerplay that is clicking at 28.8% or roughly 26 percentage points better than the Penguins powerplay.
Picture: a team actually practicing a powerplay.
An interesting note about Clarence S. Campbell:
NHL President, Campbell is perhaps best remembered for suspending Montreal Canadiens superstar Maurice "Rocket" Richard for the remaining three games of the 1955 regular season and for the entirety of the playoffs. This decision came about as a result of Richard's actions during a March 13 game between the Canadiens and Boston Bruins; Richard had gotten into a vicious stick-swinging fight with the Bruins' Hal Laycoe, and when linesman Cliff Thompson attempted to restrain Richard, he received a punch in the face for his efforts. On March 17, Campbell attended a game at the Montreal Forum between the Canadiens and the Detroit Red Wings. Throughout the first period he was taunted and pelted with debris by outraged Montreal fans, who saw him as a prime example of the city's English-Canadian elite oppressing the French-Canadian majority. After a tear gas bomb was released in the arena, Campbell exited the building, the game was forfeited to the Red Wings, and the Forum was evacuated. What ensued was a full-fledged riot in which 60 people were arrested and $500,000 in damage was done.