Calgary Flames Season Preview
The Flames were at the front of the logjam for the final playoff spot in the West last season.
But all season, they couldn't score goals, finishing 2nd to last in goals per game with 2.45.
They did have the 5th-best goals-against average in the NHL, though, giving up only 2.48 goals per game.
So their weakness was offense.
They responded this offseason by reacquiring Jokinen and Tanguay.
Calgary fans were basically suicidal at some points in the offseason.
Both Sutter brothers are dead men walking.
Hate to see Jarome Iginla dying alive.  Hope they make the playoffs.
The last time we saw Kipper, he was crying in the Olympics.
For our season previews this year, we are connecting every team to TV series from the '90s.
There's a fire engine in there.
And the winner:
How good was In Living Color