Burn Notice

The last time when over three months of work was useless was when we tried to watch that second season of Heroes.
Today, we have that feeling again.
Bing is sitting out the All-Star Game.  NHL.COM
Isn't he the face of the entire world?
And here he is, missing his second straight All-Star Game.
Steve Lepore's head probably exploded.
Yeah, this sucks if you're in to All Star games.  But it could be worse:
An entire nation of bandwagon fans could be overreacting because the Pens aren't gonna win the President's Trophy.
At this point, any rest Bing can get is a good thing.
Continuing the theme of ineptitude in this post, we've already made fools of ourselves on TWITTER.
We jobbed some poor guy named AO on Twitter, thinking he was affiliated with Ovechkin.
Too bad he's a "streetballer."
HCMT flips out in WB/S.

:: Talk about flipping out.
PSAMP brings the heat on fairweather fans.

What I don't get is the horde of supposed Penguins fans who are constantly shitting on the team to this point. Don't get me wrong, this team has underperformed on a massive scale, but the recent good fortunes on Pittsburgh ice has seemingly created a ton of pretentious douchebag "fans." Since the team assembled their young core and created a positive outlook with a new arena on the way, the sentiment around the fan base seems to be, "win now or get booed." To which I say, "eat me."

:: TV ratings are up nearly across the board in the NHL.  FANHOUSE.
H/T akus.
:: Max Talbot has a blog. And he reveals he is playing with a broken foot. TALBOT.
:: Mr. Youtube, Daywalkr, brings us top shootout goals thus far.
Top 15 weirdest photoshop we have even gotten.
Nicely done though.
2002-2003 Penguins season intro on FSN:
Go Pens