BREAKING NEWS: George the Rooster releases a statement
Breaking news this morning from downtown Pittsburgh.
A grand jury has convened to look into why Marc-Andre Fleury is starting tonight in Nashville.
Much like an old court case, the grand jury will decide whether or not it is time to go to trial.
Brent Johnson's lawyer, George the Rooster, spoke to the media outside the courthouse amid a frenzy:
"All we are saying is this. Why not start Brent tonight?
Worst-case scenario is he loses and Fleury gets his chance to win this weekend.
But if Marc-Andre Fleury loses, the hole gets deeper.
We feel that Fleury is getting put in a bad spot tonight, and it is unfair. Brent has been better. He deserves it."
Marty the Chicken, who is representing Marc-Andre Fleury, released a statement on behalf of his client.
"The fact Brent Johnson has chosen George the Rooster to represent him shows Johnson's ineptitude.
George and I both went to Stanford Law School, finishing #1 and #2 in our class. Guess who was #1.
He thinks going gizzard-to-gizzard with me in this case will change the fact that I got all the chicks.
I taught George everything he knows.
But I didn't teach him everything I know."
The glove will fit this time, George.