Boudreau: The Capitals Kid Steckel About The Crosby Hit

Thanks to @hockeyfan200 on Twitter for bringing this to our attention.  From the Toronto Star:

“Have you ever looked at David Steckel’s penalty minutes, or how many hits he has in a year? They’d know he didn’t see him,” said Boudreau. “We still kid him about it and he apologizes every time saying ‘You know I didn’t see him.’”

So… the fact that Steckel has very few penalty minutes means he couldn't possibly have hit Crosby?  Aren't NHL players supposed to be able to see the ice well?
But Boudreau goes even further, playing the Sidney Crosby favoritism card:

“As far as over-reaction, if it was reversed and Sidney happened to hit David Steckel and he didn’t see him, nobody would be saying a word,” said Boudreau. “It’s because it’s Sidney Crosby, quite frankly."

We're pretty sure David Steckel didn't mean to give Sidney Crosby a concussion.  He may not even have meant to hit him, thought that's debatable.  We can understand Boudreau's point to an extent, but it doesn't sound good when you say that your team is kidding around about a hit that lead to a concussion.  We're also pretty sure Boudreau would be saying something else if it was Ovechkin with the concussion.
Though if we learned anything from 24/7, it's that Bruce Boudreau is a master at making himself look foolish.
Go Pens.