To boo or not to boo Double J. It actually doesn’t matter.

The schedule came out while the smoke was still seeping from the remains of JagrWatch. Double J's act of treason was going to be atoned for on December 29th.
But like a lot of things, for us, time has already healed the wounds. Facts and logic have helped. But for some people, they want to boo because Jagr owed them some fictitious loyalty that doesn't even exist in real life. Drill it all the way down to your own life. You leave a company to go make more money. Your perception is that company and everyone that works for it hates you now. After toiling around in some bizarre places, you have a chance to come back to the company where it all started or go to a rival company that offered you way more cash.
What would you do?
Either way, though, the bottom line is no one should tell anyone what to do in terms of booing. Do whatever you want then tweet about it. Then get in a fight about it.
If anything, we all win tonight. What a stage. The CEC will actually be loud, two rival teams tied in points, Malkin vs. Giroux, Malkin vs. Double J, Talbot vs. all the girls he hooked up with.
Giroux vs. Malkin will be outstanding. They already don't like each other:

And they both are MVP candidates already.
Malkin vs. Double J.
Legacy city. With Crosby out, Malkin has risen from the ashes of his critics. Maybe Malkin scores three tonight and points to Jagr, then points to his scoring titles, and then gives him the throat slash.
Boo or not boo, whatever. If you appreciate big-time hockey moments and big-time hockey players, tonight's the night.