Bob Smizik hates fighting and wants you off his lawn
The highlight of Bob Smizik's days anymore involve getting in his car and driving around aimlessly.  When he finally makes it back home, he'll flip open his iBook and make a blog post with Netscape Navigator.  He's recently done this and came out with a post titled "How Stupid Is Hockey Fighting?"
Here's the beginning of the article:
Imagine this, if you can.

Late in the first quarter of the Super Bowl tomorrow, Troy Polamalu intercepts a pass thrown by Aaron Rodgers and returns it 25 yards to the Green Bay Packers’ 35, where he is driven out of bounds in front of the Steelers bench by Donald Driver. After he is clearly out of bounds, he is hit again, this time by Rodgers, with a blow that leaves Polamalu on the ground in obvious pain.

There’s only one thing to do and as his teammates look to him, Ben Roethlisberger clearly understands the situation. He drops his helmet and walks toward the 50-yard line. Rodgers realizes the significance of what Roethlisberger is doing and he, too, drops his helmet and walks toward the 50.

The officials back away. This is out of their hands. The unwritten players’ code of justice in the NFL controls this situation. Roethlisberger and Rodgers will engage in a fistfight at mid-field.
The football comparison is probably one of the most bizarre things we have ever read.  We may have to give Smizik a break.  He may not have known where he was at, what he was doing, or what his name was when he "watched" the Pens game Wednesday night against the Islanders.  We'll never go into placing any kind of bet without studying up on all details, but we'll bet everything we own that Bob Smizik didn't watch the Pens game on Wednesday night.  He saw there was a fight, so he decided to make a blog post about how he doesn't understand hockey and then expect everyone 55 years and older to pat him on his back.
If you want evidence that this Smizik blog post was something he wrote just for posterity's sake, read this sentence from the article:
He doesn't even know that it was DiPietro who was injured because of the fight, and Smizik doesn't even care.  He had a goal in mind in wanting to rail on fighting in hockey, and nothing was going to get in his way…even the details of what happened.
Once upon a time, Bob Smizik was a solid writer.  But, as with all journalists, he's gotten too into himself.  And now that he's too old to understand what's going on anymore, he's embarrassing himself.