Bob McKenzie: Staal turns down huge offer, doesn’t plan on re-signing right now

Of course, it's important not to jump to conclusions here, but this probably isn't great news for the Penguins.

In another Tweet, McKenzie says that Staal "loves it" in Pittsburgh, though he also says "Let Jordan Staal trade rumors begin." McKenzie speculates that Staal probably won't re-sign with anyone but "perhaps Carolina."

However, things may change and Staal may have just rejected the first offer. He may be waiting until the end of this season to re-sign. He may want to hit the market and become a free market. The problem is, that if Staal has made it known that he won't re-sign ANYWHERE and he's determined to become a UFA, that could hurt his trade value if the Pens decide to move him. Teams will offer less for a player who has made it known that he wants to look at other offers after this season.

This could also all be part of the negotiating game and Staal could be attempting to "work the media." Who knows, this could even be Ray Shero working the media. This news must have come from either the team or from Jordan Staal/Staal's agent. How else would the media know about the deal and that it was turned down?

However, if Staal really does "love it" in Pittsburgh, he probably wants more money or added responsibility or both. We'll have to wait and see.

EDIT: This doesn't sound like Staal wants out of Pittsburgh specifically. It sounds like he doesn't want to sign with any team because he wants to see what the market will offer him. Or maybe he wants a short-term contract and the Penguins want to sign him long-term.

However, if he doesn't re-sign, the market will likely offer him A LOT which would effectively put the Pens out of the running to sign him as a UFA.

EDIT 2: He's also getting married soon. Maybe he wants to wait until after the wedding?

EDIT 3: Apparently it was a 10-year/$60 million deal that Staal rejected. $6 million/season is a lot. Either he wants something like $8 million or he wants a shorter deal. You'd have to believe he wants a shorter deal.