The Pens need an entire case of Listerine to get the taste of Jaroslav Halak out of their mouths.
In the Habs series last year, Halak answered the bell whenever the defense broke down in front of him.
In this game, though, his defense stole the show.
Halak really didn't have to make any 10-bell saves.
His defense was sick.  Their whole team is a pain in the ass.
Then again, a bunch of the Pens' scoring chances came off Blues turnovers.
Halak sucks.
The Pens are still streaking, with at least 1 point in 5 consecutive games.
The Blues get lost in the shuffle because they're in the stacked Central Division.
If they were in the Southeast, they'd be in the playoffs every year.
And as far as that t-shirt in the picture above goes, we'd give the guy a pass if he was like 20.
But he's probably looking up stocks on his cellphone in that pic.
These last two games have been incredible.
Bunch of people sent this in.
Scottrade Center doesn't come off on televison as an inviting place to play.
It's as dark as the St. Pete Forum in Tampa.
Halak had nothing to do for a good bit early on.
Dupuis goes to the box for something.
Johnson again making big saves all game.
And then he goes home to his wife:
Thanks to mwn3d for sending this in.
Crosby had the Pens first scoring chance.  Sort of.
Some redirection near the post.  Halak.
Candy jobs McDonald.  Another PK.
Pens kill it.  Johnson seeing everything.
Crosby and Jackman have issues.
Rupp goes after Jackman. Period recap: Another physical game was in the making.
Celine Dion at the game apparently
The Blues were everywhere to start the second.
Pens spent the first 3 or 4 minutes in their own zone.
Off some faceoff, Adams and Crombeen throw down.
Tangradi gets held up on the boards, and the Pens go on the PP.
And the powerplay looked good.
Mike Comrie making all kinds of feint plays.
Regardless, Halak wasn't letting anything in.

Sick play by Crosby to mess up Crombeen.
Pens were back on the PP.  Steen went off for hooking.
One of the Mc's had a shorthanded breakaway but shot it into Chicago for some reason.
Pens had another PP that would go into the third.
Pens had to kill of a Letestu hooking penalty early in the third.
It was tense times.
We missed Orpik.
About halfway through the third, Letang had one of the Pens' best chances of the night.
Off a turnover, he curled into the slot in prime sniping range.
Instead, he dishes it off to Rupp.
Rupp outwaits Halak, but he shoots it over the net.
Then the Pens went on the powerplay when Yoshi put the stick into Orpik's face.
Big-time acting job by Orpik pissed off the Blues.
The Pens buzzed on the powerplay, but Halak loomed in net.
The Blues got a boost from that PK.
They started making moves in the Pens' zone.
It was scary as shit, too, because Johnson hadn't seen any action in the game for a while.
The last few minutes of the third were intense.
Crosby was flying around the Blues' net.  Almost snuck a wraparound in.

Comrie had the game on his stick, too.
Yeah, we're getting there.
Would love to know what that is all about.
On the radio side, Mike Lange said the Pens looked like they were pushing all-in to start OT.
They came out with the Crosby-Malkin duo up front.
Blues get it in deep.
Shaky play by Martin on the boards.  Coughs it up.
Erik Johnson in the slot.
GoGo had 25 minutes of ice time.  Tangradi brought up the rear with 9 minutes.
Brent Johnson.
Engelland has gotten better every game.  Always fun to watch a player mature.
Chris Kunitz is making $3.8 million this year.  $4.0 million next year.
Come on, Talbot.  bastard.
Very anticlimactic.  But a contest winner, nonetheless.